Meeting Notes App Reviews

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Crash and burn

Paid for the app and haven't been able to use it. It crashes every time I try to open it. Wasted my money. Would like reimbursement.

Room for Improvement

This app has a lot of potential, hopefully the developer will continue to make it better! I bought this for note taking during lectures. The drawing feature is certainly convenient as it uses the touchpad to allow you to draw pictures pretty well. Unfortunately, the pictures you draw go in line with the text. It would be much better if you could have pictures located wherever you put them and create text around them. Also, resizing pictures would be a nice feature.

Bad application

So many problems in this version. It is slow. When I stop recording and try to play that doesn't work. Drawing doesn't work well. Poor design and implimantation. It is missing a lot of important features for meeting notes like timestamping.

App work very good!

All 3 function work very well. Why you say 2 do not work. You have similar app in store.


Save your money - you have what you need to take meeting notes and the email and voice recording functions simply do not work.

Very nice way of documenting meetings.

Nice start. I hope the developer keeps adding stuff.

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